December, a month to be merry

Happy 2014! What a joyous December is has been! For the first time in years we managed to draw, and stick to, our own plan of celebrations and holidays. Usually we try our best, but commercialism and the presence of Christmas throughout December (and November, and October) does tend to...

Mill on the mountain bakery

The Junior Bake Off got the wee ones’ baking juices flowing and last Sunday each got a private baking session. They all baked something ‘by themselves’ (Some a little more than others: I was told: ‘I am doing this by my own, you know’, when I tried to help T....

Piped and self buttoned Music Box Jumper

I cannot believe I have been able to sew clothes for the wee ones without having added piping OR self covering buttons before now! Hendrikje was due a new dress and she loved the idea of a purple Music Box Jumper. I still had a lovely plum cord in my...

Runner up

Our eldest is not one to be left behind. Soon after her sister made a cake pretty much under her own steam, she demanded a turn. With harvest and Halloween upon us she was adamant an apple pie was to be made, Jo Wheatley’s apple and raspberry meringue pie to...

Our Star Baker

Our middle one has ambitions. She wants to be a baker. She wants to have a tea room, where she sells her bakes. The tea room will be next to the gallery and workshop where our eldest will create and sell her illustrated stories. Those ambitions mean possible more to...

New, new, new!

A few months ago my conscience started playing up: the blog lay dusty and neglected and was in need of some tender loving care… I was not sure whether to give it up, to change everything around. As if by fate, a little click with the mouse to change something...


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Welcome to Songs, Skirts and Scones! On this website I have gathered ideas and resources for traditional singing, clothes sewing and baking, my three hobbies. What started out as a blog, writing down my experiences as a novice in all three subjects, has now become much more a source for recipes (hello after-eight-cheesecake) and songs. I hope you'll find something interesting and helpful, I would love to hear if anything at all has been just that!